product designer, cyclist, armchair urbanist

Pre-new year resolutions

Here are a few things that I'm struggling with, and want to do better at:

  • Start speaking. Start local, work up. Don't be intimidated by the fact that my knowledge is small / growing. Gotta start somewhere, man.
  • Answer phone calls. Not everybody works like me, and I can't expect them to change just because I want them to. While emails may be more comfortable, phone calls are fine, and I can't be trustworthy if I don't pick up the phone.
  • Enjoy the process. I'm so busy looking across the fence at people I admire who are better than me that I forget to enjoy the task at hand. That's bad and dumb.
  • Get stuff done. Related to 3. If I'm not faithful with these little things, who will ever trust me for big things? Part of moving up is being really faithful right where I am.