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Headphones In The Evening

Last night I was very sad.

My lizard brain was in fine form, telling me my work was flat, my progress was trivial, and that I had too far to go. I was second-guessing my decisions, thinking about the past, and forgetting my way. Instead of working feverishly, or watching a movie, or going to sleep, I put my headphones on.

I sat down with my headphones and Firebird Suite from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I closed my eyes and listened. I listened hard. I took it all in.

A few minutes in, my spirit soared. The violins dazzled me. The tubas rumbled with great skill. I tried to pick out each instrument. I jumped visibly when the slow swing turned the corner into an unexpected crashing climax. The lizard brain started to retreat. It's not comfortable around good music, I guess.

Listening to good music as an independent act isn't something I do often. But I think I'm about to start.